My name is Mark Jacobson, and I attempt to be many things. I'm an actor, a journalist-in-training, an improviser, a poet, and a work in-progress. My interests are vast and varied and I find myself fascinated by most aspects of life, specifically by people. I've always been an avid storyteller and appreciate nothing more than a good story. It's the philosophy that I work by in both of my majors, theatre and broadcast journalism, at the University of Southern California: when I am able to tell a complete story, when I can ensnare an audience, that is when I have most succeeded. I feel incredibly fortunate to be pursuing two fields that I find more progressive than any others in society, and I love the challenge of adapting with them. I hail from Phoenix, Arizona, where I grew up in a changing journalistic environment and thus can appreciate the need for reform and the ever-fluctuating state of the industry. While journalism in its many forms is taking what many call a turn for the worst, and indeed, many jobs have been eliminated and the integrity of the news media is often threatened, I want nothing more than to do my part in restoring respect to this vital organ of society. I believe that many journalists today have made a grave error in approaching the industry; because the outlets of media are changing and the audience adapting with them, journalists have allowed themselves to bend to those (often corporately motivated) tendencies. If history has taught us anything, it has been that, in the face of change that could threaten your livelihood, you must take a stand for what you believe in. To whatever extent I can, I intend to make my stand and present news in a fashion that stays true to the ethics and integrity of the field WHILE remaining entertaining to follow. There are those like Jon Stewart on The Daily Show and even Auto-Tune the News, who have been able to present relevant, topical information and be successful in reaching and teaching an audience, and I follow their formulas for success, at the core of which is an undying respect for useful content and well-informed reporting. As this blog is designed for my journalistic endeavors, I will use all of my abilities to bring my storytelling to this venue -- I want to educate, I want to inform, I want to entertain, and I want to do so using the most cutting-edge tools that internet technology can provide. While I'm not the most web savvy individual, I look forward to learning more and incorporating as many elements as possible. If I've managed to hold your attention until now, let me just say thank you, and welcome you to a realm of limitless possibilities.

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